Drug and alcohol addiction doesn’t have to be a life sentence. Yet, thousands of people in New Jersey live with addiction every day. It can be for a variety of reasons. Many use drugs and alcohol to self-medicate. Others like the sensation of getting high or buzzed.  Sadly, the majority of addicts never receive any treatment. It takes courage to admit complete defeat. Not many sober people can admit their person problems. So imagine trying to overcome the social stigma of chemical dependency by yourself. In most cases, it’s a recipe for disaster. Effective substance abuse treatment takes commitment from not only the addict—but also the treatment center staff. But before you check yourself into a rehabilitation facility, recognize the signs of addiction and ask yourself some basic questions.

·         Do you drink or use drugs in excessive amounts?

·         How does your behavior affect others?

·         Is your drinking or drug use causing financial burdens?

·         Are you unable to stop drinking or using drugs?

·         Is your drinking and drug use affecting your job performance?

There are no easy answers to preventing substance abuse. Addiction is almost impossible to overcome on your own. It sometimes takes teamwork and the care of others to help you reach your goals. If you’re serious about getting the proper help, call Drug Rehab Center Trenton now at (609)439-4759 or email for more information. Our expert team of counselors, therapists, clinicians and nurses can provide you with the knowledge and compassion you need to return to the quality of life you deserve.


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